FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I get to Great Guana Cay?

      You will need to fly into Marsh Harbour (MHH), take a 10 minute taxi ride to the ferry dock, take the Albury's ferry (http://oii.net/alburysferry) to Great Guana Cay where you will be met by Gina, our L'il Gecko hostess. She will take you and your luggage to L'il Gecko Cottage via golf cart and acquaint you with the cottage.

     Major airlines serving MHH are

     You can also get to Marsh Harbour from South Florida via

What kind of travel documents will I need to enter the Bahamas?

You will need a passport in order to enter the Bahamas.

What about money and credit cards?

     American and Bahamian currency are both accepted in the Abacos.

     Most businesses accept VISA and MASTERCARD.

     There are no ATM machines on Great Guana Cay, but there are several in Marsh Harbour.

How can I stay in touch with home from the Abacos?


What do I need to bring with me?

      The general rule for travel to the Abacos is "Bring less clothes and more money!"

Seriously, most people DO bring too many clothes. Shorts and flip flops are acceptable at even the "finest" restaurants on Great Guana Cay. During winter months, a light jacket and long pants might be needed.

      Guana Harbor Grocery and the Marsh Harbour grocery stores are well-stocked - although you should plan on most things being considerably more expensive ( 2 great exceptions are New Zealand butter and cheeses - yummm and so easy on the wallet). Many people like to pack a small cooler with frozen meats and/or bring some favorite foods with them. No fresh produce is allowed to be brought in - giving you a reason to stop by Milo's Produce for your daily words of wisdom from a true Great Guana Cay native.

        A few other items worth bringing:

                          Brita water pitcher filter

                          reef walkers

                          sun lotions

                          bug repellant

                          mask and snorkel

                          hat and/or visor

                          D Batteries for flashlight

 Where can I learn more about the Abacos?

             There are 2 really fun message boards where you can ask questions, read trip reports etc:



And of course contact us either by email or phone and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have!



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